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Our Team

We are a team of individuals with a relentless desire to support startups that are redefining the built world.

Meet Our Exceptional Team.

Elven Choo Siew Horng

Executive Director

A gifted leader, Elven Choo Siew Horng has led his team to multiple victories in marketing and promotional campaigns through his holistic understanding of the global market. His remarkable endurance is evident as he made the bold decision to leave his comfortable lifestyle and lucrative income in Malaysia to embark on a new journey in Shanghai, China.

There, he immersed himself in the finance industry by joining fintech start-ups, quickly grasping opportunities within the financial market. With his sharp and pragmatic nature, he excels as an outstanding financial analyst, demonstrating fluency in the dynamics of international markets and a deep understanding of market movements.

Furthermore, Elven is an expert in sales and marketing, honed by a renowned author and speaker, Ji Jian Jing, who is exceptionally proficient in marketing, entrepreneurship, and mass communication. Together with his team of highly motivated individuals, Elven is constantly striving to exceed their respective aims.

Dr. Stephen Choo


Dr. Stephen Choo, an advisor of our company, is a dynamic entrepreneur who has demonstrated exceptional leadership and business acumen. With a Doctorate in Business Administration from Apollos University, United States, Dr. Stephen Choo's academic achievements are complemented by his extensive experience across diverse industries, including networking marketing, real estate investment, retail, food and beverages, and financial services.

In 2019, Dr. Stephen Choo co-initiated the setup of WCEI (World Chinese Entrepreneurs & Investor Club) Sdn Bhd with his brother, Elven Choo, to provide an international knowledge interchange, guidance, and business network expansion platform to fellow investors and entrepreneurs.

Committed to philanthropy and charity, Dr. Stephen Choo and Elven Choo have progressively expanded WCEI to include services such as online financial education, private equity, venture capital, and business management and consulting, solidifying their dedication to making a meaningful impact in the finance and investment sector.

Our Dynamic Team

At WCEI, we have assembled a team that shares a common vision, with diverse professional backgrounds and a relentless drive for growth. Our team is continually expanding, driven by a focus on attracting exceptionally talented individuals and rewarding initiative, independent thinking, and integrity.

Our team's breadth of skills and deep expertise serves as a critical source of intellectual capital, ensuring that we consistently deliver innovative investment solutions and strategic financial services to our valued partners and clients.

We have always looking for more outstanding innovators, great thinkers, and investors to join us.

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