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Elven Choo Siew Horng

A gifted leader, Siew Horng has led his team into multiple victories of marketing and promotional campaigns through his holistic apprehension on the global market. His endurance is highly commendable as he chose to give up his comfortable lifestyle and attractive income in Malaysia to start over in Shanghai, China where he was introduced to the finance industry by joining fin-tech start-ups across China. Siew Horng is quick in grasping opportunities lying within the financial market, his sharp and pragmatic nature makes him a perfect fit as an outstanding financial analyst, as he is fluent in the dynamics of international markets and rationales behind market movements. On the other hand is an expert in sales and marketing, nurtured by a renowned author and speaker who is exceptionally proficient in the marketing, entrepreneurship and mass communication industry, Ji Jian Jing. Elven, together with his team of highly motivated individuals is constantly thriving to exceed their respective aims.

Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Stephen Choo

Within a year upon the establishment of his start-up in Shanghai, China, Dr. Stephen Choo exhibited his competency and made himself a millionaire when his initial 7-member team expanded extensively to  10,000 members. Stephen’s greatly recognised capability attracted a local founder of a fund management company into investing a capital of RMB30 million in his start-up. Stephen also attended Warren Buffet’s shareholders meeting in the United States as a Southeast Asia representative.


Our Team

WCEI has a team that shares a common vision, with diverse professional backgrounds, and is constantly growing.

We focus on attracting exceptionally talented people and rewarding initiative, independent thinking and integrity.
Our team’s breadth of skills and deep expertise are a critical source of intellectual capital.
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