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WCEI receives nod to co-manage a Labuan Based Offshore Private Equity Fund

Financial Park Labuan

Labuan, Jan 1 2021

WCEI International Ltd (“WCEI”), a private, independent, and experienced investment manager, has launched a private equity offshore fund based in Labuan with Venture Alliance Investment Fund (L) Berhad (“VAI”) making the firm’s private equity offering more accessible to eligible professional investors and their advisers.

Stephen Choo, Director at WCEI, explains: “WCEI and VAI will target private equity returns by co-investing with leading private equity firms globally and will build a diversified portfolio of high quality direct private equity investments. The strategy will have a strong bias towards buyout opportunities blended with some growth and structured equity. The fund will be invested mainly across Asia and Southeast Asia in particular and will be diversified across geographies, industries, enterprise value sizes, value creation strategy and high-quality lead managers.”

VAI Fund will leverage the expertise of WCEI’s experiences private equity team, based in Europe, Americas and Asia, has a network of highly capable private markets professionals. WCEI has managed private market assets for more than 5 years and its integrated model of primary and secondary fund investments and direct private equity businesses enhances deal flow, due diligence capabilities and stakeholder relationships.


The Fund is managed using the investment philosophy that WCEI’s managers has refined based on their experience of more than 10 years in the industries, that sustainable results may be achieved by systematically exploiting judgmental biases and behavioral weaknesses that influence investors’ decisions. These include the tendency to extrapolate the past too far into the future, wrongly equating a good company with a good investment, irrespective of price, ignoring statistical evidence, and developing a “mindset” about a company. Investors in the Fund could potentially benefit from the same quantitative model and research driven investment process implemented across VAI.

The minimum investment for the fund is USD130,000. For complete information on this mutual fund, visit:

Recently, they are in talks with a Fintech Start-up based in Europe to become their first Angel Investor of the company. The Fintech Start-up will be licensed to engage in Financial Service activities, providing Trading Execution, Social and Community Trading Platform, and Portfolio management services to the market.

The company are expected to offer unique and novel solutions to the clients they serve. Upholding high standards of customer service and supported by state-of-the-art technologies background, the directors are confident that the company will strive and expand its market share at a high pace.


About Stephen Choo

Stephen Choo is a Malaysian Serial Entrepreneur, Business Consultant, and Investor. He is also an aspiring Speaker, Mentor and Business Owner. Through WCEI, he inspires entrepreneurs from different industries and background, and equip them with better understanding of the Markets, Economics and Financial Management knowledge and skills. He has widely been considered as an influential figure for the community of start-ups in Asia especially in Southeast Asia. During his Venture Capitalist stint in Shanghai, Stephen had the opportunity to be involved in a few IPO projects in terms of strategizing, prospectus preparation, and coordination with IPO advisors. WCEI is positioned to benefited from Stephen’s experience and business network which he built for the past 10 years.

Contact Information:

Contact Person Name: Stephen Choo

Company: WCEI International Ltd

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