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Consumer Products and Staples

WCEI has deep expertise in the consumer, retail, and dining sectors and has a strong track record of building industry leaders. We intend to invest in large retailers, multinational franchises, boutique growth ideas, quick service restaurants, food distribution and high growth consumer durables. Our team works with consumer, retail and dining companies on market penetration, cross-channel marketing strategies, strategic repositioning, and synergistic M&A to create long-term value.

Financial Technology

WCEI intend to invest into the financial and business services sectors, specifically in the payment, software, banking/insurance/credit, brokerage/exchange, and business services/outsourcing sectors.

Other Technologies

WCEI has expertise to be investing in all areas of the evolving technology and media landscape, including software, hardware, internet, digital media, and information services businesses. We intend to invests into application software, infrastructure software, cybersecurity, semiconductor, and internet/media companies and bring in-depth knowledge of fundamental technology trends as well as unique insight into evolving customer and channel dynamics as well as emerging business models.

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