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Founded by Dr. Stephen Choo and Elven Choo, World Chinese Entrepreneurs & Investors Club (WCEI) was established in 2019. WCEI strives to provide an international knowledge interchange, guidance and business network expansion platform. The objective of such is to ensure that fellow investors and entrepreneurs around the globe is granted access to a pool of valuable resources as well as a medium to actively express different perspectives.

Participants of WCEI’s financial seminars, workshops and trainings ranges extensively from students, working professionals to business owners. WCEI’s operations have received remarkable comments from their attendees, affirming that they are one step closer to gaining success.


WCEI as an investment channel will flourish abundantly under Stephen and Elven’s dedication and experience, connecting aspiring entrepreneurs to potential confidants to achieve mutual goals.


WCEI also provides accelerator capital and strategic support to proven businesses with innovative proprietary scientific and engineering technology, solving real-world problems in clearly identifiable markets, led by high impact management teams with exceptional track records in scaling businesses.                                                                                                        

Within a year upon the establishment of his start-up in Shanghai, China, Dr. Stephen Choo exhibited his competency and made himself a millionaire when his initial 7-member team expanded extensively to 10,000 members. Stephen’s greatly recognised capability attracted a local founder of a fund management company into investing a capital of RMB30 million in his start-up. Stephen also attended Warren Buffet’s shareholders meeting in the United States as a Southeast Asia representative.

Elven Choo on the other hand is an expert in sales and marketing, nurtured by a renowned author and speaker who is exceptionally proficient in the marketing, entrepreneurship and mass communication industry, Ji Jian Jing. Elven, together with his team of highly motivated individuals is constantly thriving to exceed their respective aims.

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